Top Ten Reasons

The Top Ten Reasons to Play Craps

Why play craps? "Crapshooter" Larry Edell, editor of "The Craps Companion" newsletter, gives you the top ten reasons why you should choose craps. Read Edell's list, learn how to play, and add your own reasons for shooting dice!

10. When the dice fall off the table, the next roll will always be a seven! (Unless you're a don't player, in which case it will always be the point!)

9. A 2, 3, or 12 will always roll on the come out! (Right after you take down your C&E bet.)

8. A hardway will always roll if the point is 4, 6, 8 or 10! (Unless, of course, you have a bet on it!)

7. You can always insure that a seven will roll on the come-out! (Just have lots of leftover come bets working!)

6. You can always insure that a six or eight will be the point! (Just place the six and eight not working on the come out!)

5. You can always roll a 5, 6, or 8! (Just place a large field bet!)

4. If a table pays 3X odds on the twelve, you can always roll a twelve! (Just bet on the two!)

3. You can easily find the hottest table in any casino! (It's always the one right next to where you're playing!)

2. You can always roll profitable field numbers! (Just bet on the five, six and eight!)

1. You always know when to quit! (Whenever your empty drink glasses outnumber your chips!)

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