Pass Lines

Two Different Pass Lines

When you play craps you can place an actual pass line bet at two different times - BEFORE the point or AFTER the point. Let's look at the advantages for both of these bets.

Many bettors make their regular pass line bets BEFORE the comeout point to take advantage of the 7 plus 11 combination, which will roll 8 times (out of 36 rolls). If the 7 or 11 rolls BEFORE the comeout point, you will win your bet. Unfortunately, if the 2, 3 or 12 rolls, it is a "craps" roll and the pass line bettors will lose. This three number combination rolls only four times (out of 36), compared to 8 times for the seven or eleven.

Therefore, the pass line bettor has an 8:4 or 2:1 advantage BEFORE the come out. The disadvantage is that you can not remove a pass line bet, so if an unfavorable number is chosen, you must keep that number as your point. Alternatively, you can wait until AFTER the point is established before placing your pass line bet, so you can choose which number to bet on. For example, you might only bet on the six or eight, and not on any other point number.

The advantage to waiting and choosing your own point number becomes clear when you are playing at a casino offering 10X or higher odds. In these instances, the higher odds can be more profitable than a regular passline bet. On the other hand, if you are wagering $5 with only single or double odds, your advantage lies with making your pass line bet BEFORE the come out. As usual, you would make your "flat" bet ($5) and then add your odds bet ($10). Let's look at some examples, played at a 10X odds table. You are a $5 bettor and have a bankroll of only $100. You obviously can not afford to add 10X odds to each bet. If you did, you would not stay in the game for long, as you would only be able to make one $55 ($5 plus $50 odds) bet. So you decide to place your flat bet BEFORE the come out, and add 2X odds. On the other hand, let's say you are a $5 bettor with a $500 bankroll, and want to play very conservatively. Since the six or eight rolls more than any other point, you can wait until AFTER the comeout roll to see if either of these numbers is the point.

Then, just place a $5 pass line bet with $50 odds. With this larger bankroll you can make quite a few bets, and win more money by waiting and betting on the more popular points. Remember, each craps game you play is different, and you should get used to switching strategies. If you have a low bankroll, try betting pass line BEFORE the come out. But if you are offered 10X odds and have a high bankroll, trying waiting until AFTER the point before choosing your bet!

And, as always, good luck at the tables!