The Successful Crapshooter

The successful Crapshooter is willing to do that which the unsuccessful Crapshooter is not willing to do. The actual rolls of the dice, or whether the table is hot or cold, does not matter to the successful Crapshooter.

He knows how to adapt to conditions and is experienced enough to know how to switch his bets or take them down. He becomes profitable through his experiences and his learned knowledge. He has read dozens of books on craps, subscribes to gambling newsletters and magazines, and makes it his business to learn the latest systems and ideas when they pertain to his gambling. He has wisdom and knows how to bet on any roll of the dice. He actually applies this wisdom to the game, and knows in advance exactly what he will win or lose with every throw of the dice.

He does not make bets that are unprofitable, but makes bets that give little if any advantage to the house. He knows how to chart the table and choose the best shooter. He is confident that his own shooting will produce a profit, as he practices at home. He plays at the one casino that gives him the best playing conditions and comps. And he knows the exact payoff of any number, be it place, come, lay or buy. He is always evaluating his play and insuring that the methods he uses are truly the most advantageous. He is a happy, excited, powerful player and, he received his power from confidence. Confidence comes from a never-ending quest for knowledge, which is constantly adapting to the changing conditions of both the table and casino. Becoming a consistently successful Crapshooter was not easy for this man - it took years of study and learning the fine points of the game and the casino’s policies. There was no one magic pill he took or super book he read that made him a consistent winner. He actually made a conscious decision to do everything he could to be a success, no matter how long it took.

He valued the time he would spend playing and studying to improve his game. He placed a higher value on learning and progressing than on actual playing. In other words, he did what he really had to do - study - and he put a high priority on it. He valued learning enough to know that it would produce a consistent profit if his learning was properly applied.

Remember - The successful Crapshooter is willing to do that which the unsuccessful Crapshooter is not willing to do. Set some time aside every day and study! Learn something new every day! Become a success! If anyone can do it, you can do it too!